Easy and Realtime Tracking of Brain Responses to Smell, Taste with Simplified EEG & Tablet App.
Marketing Service for BtoC Customers.


Creating new value through the quantification of senses

3sense provides marketing services to B2C companies that handle products related to taste and smell based on technology that estimates emotions from brain responses. Our company operates in the following three fields.

Corporate Information


Global Test-Marketing

response in individuals, or survey-based research into the tongue’s taste response (sweet, sour, etc.) using questionnaires and other surveys issued to ordinary test subjects. These “taste sensing” methods that focus on taste itself via the taste buds, however, have not been able to tell us about subjective psychological experience, such as how particular taste affect the person.
Our company uses proprietary technology that estimates emotions from brain waves; and together with B2C clients will build taste scales (evaluation axes) based on emotion data from reactions in the brain produced by the effect of taste.
Note: Currently, we are working on a proof of concept with business partners with main focus on taste.


With existing methods of customer serving, when it is difficult to encourage them to switch from standard products, electronic commerce or automated stores can serve as alternatives.
However, when we get insights from brain waves during face-to-face interaction with customers and gain a real-time numerical understanding of emotion, past experiments have proven that cross-selling and product-switching are possible for some products


Companies conduct research to develop products with new value standards, as well as various marketing and retail surveys. Our technology enables to capture customer preferences and feelings (brain responses) that could not be visualized through the surveys used to date.